Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Experience To Remember

Blending the familiar and the unknown to create truly captivated pieces of artwork, JJ Porret’s sculptures are a masterpiece to behold! Specializing in the lost wax technique of casting bronze, his creations are a surrealistic view of the human form blended with abstract shapes.

Porret represents people in the abstract, one form softly melting into the next. On some pieces there are fragments of granite or marble jutting and piercing through the bronzes, blending the forces of nature and man, creating a stunningly modernistic and seductive interpretation of the human form.

In recent years, as Porret has evolved as an artist, he has incorporated marble and granite into his bronze and metal sculptures. Dissatisfied with the quality of the sculpturing bases, he bought a granite and marble company in order to have complete control in their creation. From top to bottom, every statue from Porret has his distinct touch. 

Today, Jean-Jacques bronze and metal sculptures can be seen in innumerable collections around the world, including Europe, Japan and the United States. Seeing one in person is a truly spiritual and uplifting experience and one you not soon forget. To learn more about the artist and to preview his many magnification creations, visit his website today.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Jean-Jacques Porret: The Artist

Swiss-born, Jean-Jacques Porret is a self-taught artist and sculptor specializing in the lost wax technique of casting bronze sculptures. He began his journey to the arts and America after acquiring a degree in engineering. Upon graduation, Porret moved to New York, anxious to learn English and build a life for himself. That transformation put his career in motion and led him to Chicago, Illinois. 

From the start Porret was drawn to and learned the technique of bronze and lost wax casting. Bronze primarily interested him, “because it is the most demanding material which is responsive and sweet to the touch.” 

It is said that Jean-Jacques is an independent thinker, whose sculptures can be described as a naturalist, modern blend, in which forms are simplified to their essential rhythms and elements. But, above all else, Porret is a true artist who uses his skill and craftsmanship to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations. 

Today, Porret’s bronzes can be seen in innumerable collections throughout Europe, Japan and the United States. He was also commissioned to create the bronze sculpture for the American-Swiss Friendship Award.

Working within the boundaries of his imagination, Porret blends the familiar and the unknown, each contour leading to the next, creating a self-styled harmony that he terms "rhythm in space".

The uniqueness of JJ’s artistry is his strong individuality mixed with tremendous sensitivity that make his word truly one-of-a-kind. Learn more about his individual and sensitive artwork by visiting his website today or placing an order for his book, Sculptures in Bronze.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Making Metal Sculptures Using the Lost Wax Casting Process

Metal Sculptures | JJPorret.com
When JJ Porret makes his unique metal sculptures, he uses the lost wax casting process. With this method, he is able to build to take a simple idea and bring it to life using an otherwise hard to work with metal. Take a look at how the process works!

First of all, JJ creates the original sculpture using clay. Once the sculpture is complete, he then creates a negative mold out of plaster. Once the shell has dried, it is divided into two parts, cleaned, greased and then rubber is poured between the outer plaster shell and the original sculpture, forming a negative mold.  The shell is then filled with wax to create a wax copy of the sculpture. The wax copy is retouched heated metal sculptural tools to prevent any imperfections coming through. Gates and vents are then attached to the sculpture to help the molten bronze flow into the cavity and let air escape.

Once everything has been prepared, the wax copy is encased in a mixture of ceramic sand and placed in an oven to make a ceramic shell. The wax melts away and is then filled with molten bronze, filling the space where the wax was lost, hence the name. Once everything has been retouched, cleaned, and colored, the sculpture is complete!  

Welcome to the J.J. Porret Blog

Bronze Sculptures | JJPorret.com
Using recognizable forms to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations is the key to JJ Porret’s art. JJ builds beautiful bronze sculptures, as well as stone creations and beautiful drawings. He is an original artist that creates on his own terms.

Drawn to sculpture and the lost wax casting process, JJ decided to work with bronze because “it is the most demanding material which is responsive and sweet to the touch.” He began creating amazing abstract sculptures that are all about form, making metal seemingly dance and move in ways that it never could when done by other artists.

As further proof that JJ’s intent is pure, he decided to purchase a granite and marble company so that he could have control of his sculpture’s bases. Since the purchase of this business, he has begun to integrate more marble and granite into his works, giving each piece he creates a personal style that you won’t see in other bronze sculptures. 

Learn more about JJ’s individual and sensitive artwork by visiting his Website today or placing an order for his book Sculptures in Bronze. Furthermore, you can take a look at his works in person in a variety of art galleries throughout the country.