Tuesday, November 25, 2014

An Experience To Remember

Blending the familiar and the unknown to create truly captivated pieces of artwork, JJ Porret’s sculptures are a masterpiece to behold! Specializing in the lost wax technique of casting bronze, his creations are a surrealistic view of the human form blended with abstract shapes.

Porret represents people in the abstract, one form softly melting into the next. On some pieces there are fragments of granite or marble jutting and piercing through the bronzes, blending the forces of nature and man, creating a stunningly modernistic and seductive interpretation of the human form.

In recent years, as Porret has evolved as an artist, he has incorporated marble and granite into his bronze and metal sculptures. Dissatisfied with the quality of the sculpturing bases, he bought a granite and marble company in order to have complete control in their creation. From top to bottom, every statue from Porret has his distinct touch. 

Today, Jean-Jacques bronze and metal sculptures can be seen in innumerable collections around the world, including Europe, Japan and the United States. Seeing one in person is a truly spiritual and uplifting experience and one you not soon forget. To learn more about the artist and to preview his many magnification creations, visit his website today.

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