Friday, December 5, 2014

Understanding Abstract Art

To each pair of eyes, abstract art takes on its own meaning. What one sees when they view an abstract sculpture is completely subjective and can be totally different from that of another. It too means that the emotions, feelings and connection felt with an abstract sculpture varies from person to person. Yet, that, that is the beauty of art, particularly in the abstract variety.  

 When viewing a piece of abstract art, a person is inclined to solve the riddle of what it is about. Each artist has a starting point that is the source, or inspiration, behind the work. The first indication to help you understand what an abstract painting or sculpture is about is the creations title. The name behind the art piece will more than likely give you a clue. However, it won’t take you very far - unless you’re willing to think more creatively. 

What does the piece prompt you to think about? How does what you’re looking at make you feel? These are all sure-fire starting points. Begin with asking yourself these kinds of questions and you’ll find the answers a lot less mysterious.

Abstract sculptures and art allow the creator to interpret a subject freely and uniquely, using a visual language of shapes, forms, lines and colors to interpret a subject-matter, without necessarily providing the viewer with a recognizable visual reference point. This holds true for JJPorret, as well. The uniqueness of JJ’s artistry is his strong individuality mixed with tremendous sensitivity that make his abstract sculptures truly one-of-a-kind. View his outdoor sculpture gallery for a preview of some of this tremendous works.

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